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"To end the war on drugs"
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"To end the war on drugs"

Dean Becker

In his newly published book, "To End the War on Drugs: Policymakers Edition," Dean Becker, a contributing expert in the institute's Drug Policy Program, has selected and and skillfully arranged segments from interviews he has conducted ... read more

A Paradigm Shift in Federal Marijuana Policy
Drug Policy | Policy Brief

A Paradigm Shift in Federal Marijuana Policy

Gary J. Hale

Marijuana decriminalization and legalization have gone past being a trend and are settling in as federal policy, writes nonresident fellow Gary Hale, a 31-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration. This policy brief includes recommendations for ... read more

War Without End
Drug Policy | Magazine/Newspaper

War Without End

William Martin

For many military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, their only relief comes from a drug that is illegal in Texas: marijuana. William Martin, director of the institute’s Drug Policy Program, writes about the problem in "War ... read more

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Policy regarding drugs, both legal and illegal and explicitly including alcohol, poses some of the most prominent and perplexing issues facing modern societies. For nearly a century, the United States has been an active proponent of the punitive prohibition of illicit drugs. Unfortunately, the “War on Drugs” has been largely unsuccessful; prosecution of illegal drug consumption has filled our prisons without significantly reducing crime, decreasing homelessness, preventing overdose deaths

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