Ariana Marnicio

Research Analyst, Women and Human Rights in the Middle East Program

Office Phone: (713) 348-3616

current project

Marnicio is currently working on a project that assesses the HIV preventative programs in Jordan and Lebanon. Much of Marnicio’s current research focuses on qualitative data analysis of youth experiences in the region. Her future research interests include women’s access to reproductive health services and the promotion of educational and leadership opportunities for women in the region.

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Ariana Marnicio is the research analyst for the Women and Human Rights in the Middle East Program at Rice University’s Baker Institute. Her areas of interest include Islam, education, and sexual and reproductive health. She graduated in 2013 magna cum laude from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic, and was awarded the U.S. State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship in Ibri, Oman.

Marnicio has lived and studied in Egypt, Jordan and Oman. While in Jordan she interned with the New America Foundation, conducting research on the role of women in the Arab world. Her senior thesis investigated the use of lingerie between Muslim married couples and sexual equality. Marnicio speaks Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian colloquial Arabic. Marnicio is also playing a central role with the Public Diplomacy and Global Policymaking in the 21st Century Program as its assistant director.

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