Maude Rowland Cuchiara

Baker Institute Scholar for Science and Technology Policy
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My research focuses on how regulations and policies affect stem cell research locally, nationally and internationally. In addition, I am tracking current events such as court cases and media coverage that impact stem cell policy and the ability to conduct stem cell research. I also investigate the ethical and moral issues that arise with the advancement of new biomedical technologies.


Maude Rowland Cuchiara, Ph.D., is the Baker Institute Scholar for Science and Technology Policy. She is also a research scientist for Jennifer West, Ph.D., and lab manager in West’s Laboratory for Functional Biomaterials in the Rice University Department of Bioengineering. Rowland Cuchiara has worked actively with Kirstin Matthews, Ph.D., fellow in science and technology policy, in researching and writing science policy reports and peer-reviewed publications, primarily within the International Stem Cell Policy Program. Rowland Cuchiara’s other research interests include science and math education, biomedical research, and science diplomacy.

Rowland Cuchiara’s interest in policy was sparked after she interned at the National Science Foundation under the tutelage of Semahat Demir, Ph.D., in the summer of 2009. Afterward, she worked as a graduate student intern with Matthews at the Baker Institute while completing her bioengineering doctorate at Rice. During her internship, Rowland Cuchiara co-wrote two policy reports and a peer-reviewed article on state and international stem cell policies.

Rowland Cuchiara received a B.A. in Spanish and a B.S. in biomedical engineering, both from North Carolina State University, and a Ph.D. in bioengineering from Rice.

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