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Rick Perry’s immigration record

Mark Jones, fellow in political science, comments on Gov. Rick Perry's immigration policies.

Sanctions over Ukraine put Exxon at risk

Ken Medlock, the James A. Baker III and Susan Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics, comments on new sanctions ...

Experts gauge impact on Iraq strikes

Founding director Ambassador Edward Djerejian comments on the United States' options for combating ISIS.

Testimony wraps up in voter ID trial

Bob Stein, fellow in urban politics, comments on the shifted argument of those against the Texas voter ID law.

Political satire at risk if amendment passes

Mark Jones, fellow in political science, comments on a Constitutional amendment before Congress.

Good news and bad in health spending projections

Vivian Ho, chair in health economics, is quoted about the need to solve the health spending problem in order to ...

Modi must mind youth expectations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has yet to explain his big economic reform vision in enough detail, says Russell Green, ...

Why Modi, Jokowi will need more than 100 days to bring change

Russell Green, Will Clayton Fellow in International Economics, is quoted about Narendra Modi, the new prime minister of India.

Kurdish Oil and U.S. Leverage in Iraq

The tanker loaded with Kurdish oil currently idling off the Texas coast may provide a bargaining chip for enhancing U.S. ...

How conservative is Galveston County?

Mark Jones, fellow in political science, is mentioned for his poll data ranking Texas’ biggest counties by ideologies.