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Russia Provokes U.S. with Aggressive War Planes

Joe Barnes, Bonner Means Baker Fellow, comments on Russia's aggressive warplane action.

Castro, Patrick both claim victory in raucous immigration debate

Mark Jones, fellow in political science, comments on the immigration policy debate between Dan Patrick and Julian Castro.

What is a bitcoin?

Information technology policy fellow Chris Bronk explains what a bitcoin is.

Dan Patrick's endorsement signals defeat for Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

Mark Jones, fellow in political science, is quoted in this article about the race for Texas lieutenant governor.

Grand jury to look at Perry veto threat

Mark Jones, fellow in political science, is quoted in this article about Gov. Rick Perry's veto controversy.

Experts want a big corporate tax cut

The plan presented to Congress yesterday to cut the corporate tax rate would increase income and lead to higher wages. ...

U.S. Energy Security and the Weakening of U.S.-Saudi Ties

New strategic divergences are straining the U.S.-Saudi friendship, including huge increases in U.S. energy production and starkly different positions on ...

US deals another blow to Mexican drug cartel

Nathan Jones, the Alfred C. Glassell III Postdoctoral Fellow in Drug Policy, comments on the arrest and indictment of one ...

Big Oil comes up short in shale

Kenneth Medlock III, the James A. Baker III and Susan Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics, comments on oil ...

The latest in the trend of standalone ERs

Vivian Ho, the James A. Baker III Institute Chair in Health Economics, comments on the trend of standalone ERs.